Are mind-reading algorithms stealing our democracy?

Political advertising has got smarter - but have we? Lush and Fat Rat Films have released a quirky drama-documentary, combining expert interviews with the likes of Guardian journalist, Carole Cadwalladr, and old-fashioned alien invasion melodrama. The documentary introduces the viewer to psychographic advertising techniques and explains how data from social media platforms may be fuelling … Continue reading Are mind-reading algorithms stealing our democracy?


Did Russia hack the referendum?

By Ben Pearson. On January 22nd, WebRoots Democracy hosted a public seminar to explore claims about Russian interference in the EU referendum. To assess the evidence and shed some light on how interference could have taken place, we were joined by Sky’s technology correspondent Alexander J Martin and UCL’s Dr Gianluca Stringhini. Areeq Chowdhury opened … Continue reading Did Russia hack the referendum?

Facebook to put an end to so-called political ‘dark ads’

In a statement published today Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, outlined a series of steps the social media platform are going to take to 'protect the integrity of the democratic process.' As part of this, he announced that they will make transparent who is paying for adverts on Facebook and highlight what adverts are being run … Continue reading Facebook to put an end to so-called political ‘dark ads’