Conservative leadership candidate backs online voting for elections

During a Twitter question and answer session, Conservative leadership candidate and current Foreign Secretary, Jeremy Hunt MP, said that enabling people to vote online in elections “must be possible”.

Responding to a question about allegations of postal vote fraud in the recent Peterborough by-election, Mr Hunt replied:

“We need to crack this. But the real issue is how we can enable people to vote online safely, MUST be possible if we can pay our taxes online!”

A 2015 WebRoots Democracy/YouGov poll found that more than half of Conservative Party voters support the reform, believing it should have been an option in the 2016 EU referendum.

hunt johnson
Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt are in the running to be the next leader of the Conservative Party. (Picture: BBC)

Considered to be the outsider in the race, Mr Hunt is competing against former Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, to be the next leader of the Conservative Party. The results of the postal ballot of Conservative members is expected in the week beginning July 22nd. The winner will become the next British Prime Minister.

Update: Hunt reinforced support for online voting during a Conservative leadership digital hustings. Video below.

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