622,000 people register to vote on deadline day with 99% doing so online

On the final day of the voter registration window for the 2017 UK General Election, 622,000 people registered to vote. Of those, 613,000 did so online, compared to just under 10,000 doing so by paper.

246,000 people aged under 25 registered on the final day. Since the snap General Election was called, more than 2.5 million people have registered to vote, with GOV.UK statistics showing almost 97% of applications being made online.

registration breakdown
The Government’s voter registration website experienced a huge spike on the deadline day.

Over the past few weeks, celebrities, politicians, and institutions have been promoting the voter registration website in an effort to encourage young people in particular to register to vote. Snapchat had a special filter and the hashtag #RegisterToVote trended throughout the deadline day.

A full breakdown of application types and age groups can be accessed on the Government’s performance dashboard here.

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