BMG survey: Half of UK’s 18 to 34 year olds support the call for online voting

voting at polling stationA new survey undertaken by BMG Research has found that nearly half (49%) of people aged 18 to 34 in the UK support the introduction of online voting in elections and referenda. The survey shows that overall support is at 45%.

The survey of 1,630 adults, also found that 31% oppose the introduction of online voting, increasing to 40% of those aged over 54.

Support is at 52% amongst middle class voters and 48% amongst the working class, showing very little class divide. In addition, support is at 45% for those who did not vote in the last General Election.

online voting polling station
Almost half of young people in the UK think people should be able to vote online in elections.

Amongst political parties, support is highest amongst those who voted for the Scottish National Party (63%), the Green Party (61%), Labour (55%), and Plaid Cymru (54%). 47% of Liberal Democrat voters support the move compared to 40% of Conservative and UKIP voters.

The data also shows a clear divide amongst those who voted Leave or Remain at last year’s EU referendum. 56% of Remain voters support the introduction of online voting compared to 40% of those who voted Leave. 41% of Leave voters oppose the reform.

Nearly a fifth of those surveyed expressed no strong feelings for or against the idea.

Details of the BMG survey can be downloaded here.

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