Irish Government to consider introducing online voting for elections and referenda

enda kennyThe head of the Republic of Ireland’s Government, Taoiseach Enda Kenny, has confirmed that they are considering the introduction of online voting for the Irish diaspora. It is also being looked at as an option for the referendum on granting voting rights for Irish citizens abroad.

Whilst on a visit to the USA for St Patrick’s Day, Mr Kenny was asked whether he will be considering the introduction of online voting for Presidential elections to which he replied:

“Yes. If you take a welder in Alaska, or a farm worker in Queensland Australia, they may not be in a position to actually travel to an individual centre to vote. For that reason we will have to explore all of the opportunities that exist here.”

irish parliament
Irish citizens abroad may be able to vote online in elections and referenda according to plans revealed by the Taoiseach.

Meanwhile, the Minister for the Diaspora, Joe McHugh confirmed that it was being looked at for an upcoming referendum related to the 2013 constitutional convention:

“This is a massive piece of work. It is going to be ground-breaking. Especially at a time when other countries are becoming isolationist. It is Ireland looking outward.”

Mr McHugh has been told to “prioritise” this issue by the Taoiseach, according to the Irish Times, and an options paper will be published setting out a range of suggestions.

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