Swipe Right to Vote: Can online voting future-proof elections?

On Monday evening, WebRoots Democracy hosted its first ever event as part of Parliament Week entitled “Swipe Right to Vote: Can #onlinevoting future-proof elections?” – a panel discussion with Chloe Smith MP, Amy Lamé, Smartmatic’s Mike Summers, #SwingTheVote Campaign Manager Rachel Stroud, and British Youth Council Chair Mita Desai.

The hour and a half discussion covered issues including the need for online voting, the challenges and benefits of the reform, the future of voting, and methods of ensuring it happens.

The event came in the wake of a report published last week by the House of Commons Political and Constitutional Reform Select Committee which urged political parties to include a commitment in their manifestos to implement online voting by the 2020 General Election.

It also occurred after a Parliament Week Twitter chat at lunchtime with Meg Hillier MP on digital democracy in which the MP said in her opinion that in 18 years time, voting by paper and pencil will be a “distant memory“.

If you were unable to attend, here is a flavour of the points raised and issues discussed via the medium of Twitter.  For more, see the #onlinevoting hashtag.  We will also be uploading clips from the discussion to our YouTube channel.

Why do we need online voting?


What are the benefits and challenges?


What should voting look like in 2035?


How can we make it happen?




Closing tweets


Do you think the UK should introduce an online voting option for elections? Let us know here.

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