Regulating Social Media

Regulating Social Media is a research project being undertaken by WebRoots Democracy which will be exploring potential reforms to how social media platforms are regulated by the state.


Kinder, Gentler Politics

Kinder, Gentler Politics is a report exploring the rise of online abuse in political debate, setting out a number of recommendations for how the state and social media platforms can act to combat the issue.

The report builds upon a range of existing research and includes analysis of more than 53,000 tweets directed at political influencers in the UK as well as various popular UK political Facebook groups. The research particularly focuses on the impact that online abuse has on the expression of political opinions online.

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The Internet and Islamophobia

The Internet and Islamophobia is a report exploring the roles of youth, leadership, identity, and social media in tackling Islamophobia in the UK.

The report builds upon a workshop held in the Houses of Parliament in November 2018 with over 35 leading influencers and young British Muslims. Themes covered include online disinformation campaigns, identity politics, and anti-Muslim hate crime.

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