It’s time for politics to fast-forward to the present and have online voting introduced.

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In the UK, 38 million people are on Facebook, 15 million are on Twitter, and 4.5 million use online dating sites.

According to the Office for National Statistics, 74% of adults in the UK shop online, 55% read the news online, and 53% are banking online.

Meanwhile, compared with 1945-1997, average voter turnout in this country has dropped by 14.3 percentage points.  Turnout amongst 18-24 year olds has been the lowest of all age groups in the last four elections.  (2001 – 39%; 2005 – 37%; 2010 – 44%; 2015 – 43%).

It’s time that we had a 21st century voting system fit for the digital age we all live in.

The potential benefits of online voting are many and include:

  • Greater levels of voter participation
  • A method of independently voting for those with vision-impairments
  • An accessible method of voting for those with other disabilities
  • Long-term savings in the cost of elections
  • Accurate vote counts
  • The elimination of accidentally spoilt ballots
  • Greater security of the ballot
  • A method of better informing the electorate about each election
  • A future-proofed method of voting for an increasingly digital age

Want to learn more about online voting, and about how it can be made secure? Download our policy reports here.

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