Kinder, Gentler Politics

Kinder, Gentler Politics is the first report of the Regulating Social Media project.

The rise in online abuse of politicians and other members of the public has often discouraged, or even poisoned, online political debate. The issue is often dismissed as an issue of having ‘thick skin’ or not. However, more often than not, online abuse crosses the line and transcends the scope of constructive debate.

For this report, WebRoots Democracy is undertaking research on the online abuse of individuals involved in the political sphere. This includes politicians, candidates, campaigners, activists, and journalists. The report will explore the current landscape and will recommend new policy ideas to help tackle the rise of harmful and damaging online abuse in UK politics.

If you have any queries about the Kinder, Gentler Politics report, please get in touch with Khadija Said at

Share your thoughts

Whether you have experienced online abuse yourself or have any observations on how you think it should be regulated, the form below is your opportunity to share your ideas. We believe that with your stories, our report can articulate a more complete and detailed picture of what goes on and in turn, we aim to offer pertinent and specific solutions.

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Focus groups

WebRoots Democracy and Royal Holloway, University of London are looking for young people aged 16 to 25 to take part as paid participants for focus groups looking at the rise of online abuse in political debate.

KGP focus group poster

You’ll be paid £15 and will be provided with drinks and snacks. The focus groups will be taking place at TechHub London. To apply to take part, simply fill out this short form.