E-balloting cover imageE-Balloting is WebRoots Democracy’s submission to the Knight Review on online voting for industrial action ballots.

Our submission responds to a number of questions outlined by the Review and makes the case for the introduction of an online voting option for trade union ballots.

It has been submitted alongside a copy of our Secure Voting report published in 2016, and sets out six recommendations for the Government and Sir Ken Knight.

Download and read the submission here.

Publication date: 13 July 2017.

The submission sets out 6 recommendations, including:

  • The Government should legislate to allow trade unions the option of holding ballots on strike action, or other issues of concern for members, online.
  • The Knight Review should recognise that trade unions face a significantly lower level of risk of cyber-security attacks than parliamentary or political party elections.
  • The Knight Review should consider the potential of trialling the concept of ‘repeat voting’ to help guard against intimidation to vote a certain way by employers or colleagues.

Our 2016 Secure Voting report can be accessed here.