Cratos Project

Cratos is a research project being undertaken by WebRoots Democracy to create a method for certifying and rating online voting systems within the United Kingdom.

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The project aims to design a framework to certify the accessibility, security, and user experience of online voting systems within a United Kingdom context. Cratos will include input from academics, developers, election officials, and campaign groups. It is being funded by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation, an independent funder working to help people overcome disadvantage.

To find out more about the Cratos Project, please get in touch with Areeq Chowdhury at

Upcoming events

There are no upcoming events at present.

Cratos Advisory Group

Members of the Advisory Group provide guidance on specific areas of the Cratos Project. Information about the members can be read below. This list is a live page and will be updated over the coming weeks.

Morven Brooks

Morven Brooks is the Chief Executive Officer of Disability Equality Scotland which works to achieve full access inclusion for every disabled person in Scotland.

Professor Kevin Curran

Kevin Curran is a Professor in Cyber Security at Ulster University. Since 2008, he has been a Technical Expert for Internet Security matters for the IEEE (The Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers).

Tom Franklin

Tom Franklin is the CEO of Young Citizens (formerly known as the Citizenship Foundation). Young Citizens works with young people to educate and engage them in citizenship and democratic participation.

Dr David Galindo

David Galindo is a Senior Lecturer in Computer Security at the University of Birmingham. His expertise is in the design and analysis of cryptographic primitives and protocols, both from a theoretical and applied perspective.

Nick Hatton

Nick Hatton is a PhD candidate at Royal Holloway, University of London. His research is focused on the disruptive effect of networked electronic voting systems on general election turnouts, the privacy of individuals, and the security of the ballot.

Dr Grammateia Kotsialou

Grammateia Kotsialou is a postdoc researcher at King’s College London exploring trusted and transparent voting systems. Her research focuses on designing voting systems with good properties applicable to the new emerging technology of distributed ledgers (blockchain).

Fay Newsome

Fay Newsome is the Youth Forum Coordinator at the Royal Society for Blind Children (RSBC). The RSBC works with and supports vision impaired children and young people in the UK.

Professor Mark Ryan

Mark Ryan is a Professor of Computer Security at the University of Birmingham, where he is also the leader of the Security and Privacy research group. He is known for a variety of work in cyber security including developing security concepts for internet-based voting.

Dr James Sloam

James Sloam is a Reader in Politics and International Relations at Royal Holloway, University of London. His particular research interests include youth participation in democracy.

Dr George Theodorakopoulos

George Theodorakopoulos is a Lecturer in Computer Science and Informatics at Cardiff University. His research explores privacy, security, and computational trust in mobile networks.

Liz Ure

Liz Ure works for the Scottish Government’s Elections Team. The Scottish Government have committed to piloting electronic voting for elections.

Dr Bingsheng Zhang

Bingsheng Zhang is a Lecturer in Computing and Communications at Lancaster University. His research focuses on Internet of Things security and cryptography, as well electronic voting, blockchain security, and privacy preserving data mining.