Online Voting


WebRoots Democracy is primarily campaigning for the introduction of an online voting option in all UK elections.

The world is now living on the internet.  We socialise, communicate, trade and campaign using the internet, yet we vote for our elected representatives in a booth, by pen and paper.

Over half of the UK population are on Facebook and millions of us are on Twitter.  Online shopping and online banking has become normality and millions consume information from the internet every single day.

Compared with 1945-1997, the voter turnout in this country has dropped by 14.3 percentage points.  Turnout amongst 18-24 year olds has been the lowest of all age groups in the last three elections.  (2001 – 39%; 2005 – 37%; 2010 – 44%).

On top of this, the Government has already embraced the reach of the internet.  The majority of Government departments have channels on YouTube boasting hundreds and thousands of views as well as social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter with thousands of followers.

With regards to submitting sensitive information online, in 2011, 3.6 million UK citizens completed their census forms online for the first ever time.  Over 800,000 of these were young people.

In the UK, 83% of households have access to the internet with many of us able to access it in the palm of our hands.  We live in a truly digital age, and it is time for us to modernise and have a truly digital democracy.

Do you think the UK should introduce an online voting option for elections?  Take a moment to sign and share our e-petition.

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